About Us

Paper is recyclable, sustainable and contributes to forest development.
Still the world’s most powerful means of communication!

Our Story

Papyrus Papers is a Limited Liability Company which commenced business in 2002. We endeavor to offer the designer & printer an unparalleled range of creative papers to choose from. In keeping with this, within our portfolio we carry some of the world’s leading brands.

Conqueror being our flagship brand – leveraging a century strong heritage, Conqueror is the premium business stationery today.

Favini is also a leading global producer of graphics specialties, natural fibres-based (cellulose, algae, fruits, nuts, leather etc.), for the packaging of luxury and fashion industries.

We offer you a broad choice of colours, grammages & textures and the range is constantly updated to reflect latest trends in fashion, contemporary styling & environment / technological concerns.

Tangible & distinctive, the visual impact & tactile qualities of our range of papers are designed to convey everything from style & creativity to professionalism.

Papyrus Papers (Pvt) Ltd., was the first “Fine and Speciality Paper” importer in Sri Lanka to have been awarded the coveted Forestry Certification in 2012. We have since then supplied afore mentioned certified paper and boards to many leading projects in the country and have successfully maintained our accreditation for the past “9” years!

We now offer you a cutting facility where a precise and professional cutting available for all your papers and boards for any size you require.


To be the preferred supplier of specialty papers, substrates & services.


We deliver unparalleled creative solutions through specialty papers, substrates & services.

Our Values